race against time debbie caruana dinlgi

Debbie Caruana Dingli

Debbie Caruana Dingli has been painting steadily since her first exhibition in 1985. She paints mostly in watercolour, her favourite subjects being people and animals. Debbie adopts a cartoon style when expressing a more serious side to her.

At Lily Agius Gallery, Debbie shall show a number of never-seen-before portraits in oils. For the last couple of years she has joined Celia Borg Carodona and Francesca Balzan at Celia’s studio in Lija, painting a different model every Tuesday evening. Debbie finds the three hours a race against time to capture both likeness and personality of the sitter, this helps a spontaneous approach.

At the moment, Debbie is working towards her next cartoon exhibition to be held next Febuary in Paris, entitled ‘2012: End of the World’.


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