James Micallef Grimaud

Considered to be the pioneer of street art on the Maltese islands, James is responsible for the first graffiti and large scale murals in Malta. His work originates from an intimate relationship with the community, and defines himself as an artist/anarchist.

In his work he seeks to show the fragility, transformation, gentrification and progressive dematerialisation of culture, that is strongly pronounced within the Mediterranean.

James has held several solo exhibitions and participated in collective shows both locally and internationally whilst also collaborating with various artists in exhibitions and street art projects all over the globe.

“I started doing graffiti in the mid nineties in the streets of Malta mostly out of boredom and since I had no money to buy canvases, i’d use walls etc to express myself. There was no one doing anything or who had done anything back then so I got the title of pioneer of street art in Malta”


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