Pascal Buclon

Passionate about forms, Pascal Buclon has translated for long his personal vision of the world through the conception of advertising images and everyday life objects.

Today, he dedicates himself to painting, sculpture and drawing and gives us an original and colorful vision of his contemporaries’ behaviors and ideas.

Like narrative figuration’s main masters, he finds his inspiration in daily life’s images, photography or graphic novels, to tell the multiple facets of his world and depict its social, religious and political claims and contradictions.

Mixing personal experiences and recollections with current news stories, he uses clear strong lines to draw his subjects’ outlines and highlight their internal conflicts.

While taking a close look, his paintings remind us of colorful mosaics, of which abstract color blocks progressively form the main characters of his work.

Through his large-framed paintings, Pascal Buclon invites us to look into society’s main questions and to think about the values we cherish the most.


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