Skye Ferrante

Skye Ferrante is a former professional ballet dancer known for his signature self-taught style of sculpting in one continuous unbroken strand of steel , aluminum or gold wire. His subjects are largely influenced by the the artists and performers with whom he associates, which may include the New York Neo Burlesque scene, ballet dancers, dominatrixes, fetish models, contemporary courtesans,  hollywood celebrities, the filthy rich, and his beloved Coney Island freaks—of which he counts himself as one.

Man of Wire is a street name, earned after years of hustling art in New York City’s downtown SoHo district where he is a recognized “New York character”. Between international solo shows,  hotel residencies and live performance sculptures, Mr. Ferrante still finds time to do ‘the street’; offering his fast, affordable artworks, sculpted on the spot (at the corner of Louis and Vuitton in SoHo).

He is currently working on an artist memoir and collection of portrait stories from life, entitled, “The Naked and the Nude”.


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