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Julien Vinet is a French artist and graphic designer from Paris based in Malta. Vinet has exhibited extensively in Japan where he was trained in traditional Japanese drawing techniques, and continues to explore his medium of Japanese ink on glass, paper and aluminium. The fragility of the work reflects the delicacy of his craftsmanship, whilst his topics and style are both unique and powerful. He never tires of exploring new ways of expressing himself through his art and continues to focus on creating a continual body of work – both figurative and abstract. On closer inspection you will see how various elements of the materials or tools used for each painting taking over – such as the imprint of the Maltese tiles from where glue has dried, and the natural cracks and tears from the drying process and it being pulled free from the floor. Paper can be torn, folded or sellotaped – whether found that way or not the organic process is the overpowering element in all his work.

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