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Indraccolo is an Italian artist, illustrator, graphic designer and art teacher based in Gozo, Malta. The artist studied drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Fine Art, and is featured in the art book '40 Contemporary Great Masters of Portrait Painting’ by Diverti Editions. Luca Indraccolo’s work symbolises human ambition, determination, and the desire to overcome obstacles. Indraccolo begins by conceptualising an idea or theme for his paintings. Once he has a clear concept in mind, he conducts extensive research to gather references and create a unique visual story. Indraccolo then translates his ideas into preliminary sketches. He experiments with different compositions, exploring the placement of figures, objects, and the overall arrangement of the scene. These sketches help him refine his vision and make decisions about the visual storytelling aspects. Lighting is a crucial element in Indraccolo’s work, and he devotes significant attention to it, studying the interplay between light and shadow to create dramatic effects and emphasize the focal points. He employs a combination of loose brushwork and precise rendering, creating a bal- ance between realism and expressive mark-making. This dynamic brushwork adds energy and vitality to his paintings.

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