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French artist Bertrand Peyrot studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, and lives and works in Paris. Each of his works is an evolving pictorial entity, with a metal plate subject to degradation over time. The background and the shape are one. Each plate is not instantaneously frozen on the sheet but evolves like an organic entity in perpetual movement, in a biological rhythm in perfect phase with that of the human being, rust. Bertrand Peyrot gives new meaning to time in its evolutionary and irreversible aspect. He works with and on form. Form that takes shape on the steel plate due to corrosion. Letting the image appear by itself. The work is no longer the result of the artist’s hand, but results from the alteration of the steel plate by a natural chemical reaction. Bertrand thus restores human mortality. Each of its sheets, by biodegrading, invites us to reflect on the ephemeral of our lives and on the importance of time.

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